The Pie Hole Coffee

We drink coffee throughout the day, every single day. Coffee is the warm comfort in the morning and the perfect partner to a slice of pie. Our organic blends are developed for their richness and their unflappable consistency. We made this awesome coffee for you, because you deserve it.

Directed by Andy Schlachtenhaufen
Music by Jonathan Lang

Organic House Blend

The Pie Hole Blend is a premium selection of beans roasted for an excellent full body that finishes long and smooth. This coffee is perfect for drip coffee makers, french press, and pour over methods. Our coffee is always organic and ethically sourced because we believe with great coffee comes great responsibility. We worked hard to develop this coffee to be consistently delicious and bright, just like our customers.

The Pie Hole 'Dark Arts' Espresso

Our 'Dark Arts' Espresso blend gets its name from our home in The Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. It's bold, with a thick rich crema, aromas of berry, and finishes with a hint of chocolate. We use this to make all our great espresso drinks in the shop as well as at home in a mocha pot or even a more advanced setup. 'Dark Arts' is a selected blend of organic beans roasted to have an excellent full body that will always be an adventure.

The Pie Hole Coffee

(photo courtesy of The Die Line)

Our coffee is roasted in micro-batches for freshness and always organic and ethically sourced, because we believe with great coffee comes great responsibility. Ask our team if you have any questions on the best way to prepare our coffee at home.

The Pie Hole Coffee: Happiness One Cup at a Time