Our mission is simple: happiness one slice at a time. The Pie Hole has many locations with the majority of them in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The Pie Hole offers sweet and savory pies along with other baked items that complement our organic coffee program featuring our house blends which are organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified and then roasted to exact specification. We strongly believe working local provides better relationships and the freshest and most delicious pie and coffee possible.


We bake from scratch, by hand, using only the highest quality ingredients. Our pie is served by the slice, individual sized savory pies, whole pies to order, and a signature, specialty coffee program. To order baked items or a whole pie please use our online ordering page or call us at the shop. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for menu and event updates. We try to keep our online menu updated as best we can, but due to seasonal and market availability it often changes daily.


Everyone’s story begins with inspiration point, and for those that are lucky enough, it includes an experienced voice of wisdom through adolescents. It’d be incomplete to talk about The Pie Hole without talking about Becky. She inspired us to build a business. Our founders grew up with a table full of laughs, stories and ultimately, food. Pie is one of those emblematic memories that got us started to build this company, and today, we’re putting food on the table for thousands. To this day, we still send “Mom” our recipes for testing and keep her involved in our R&D process. But beyond that, without the welcoming table she gave us, we’d never have started this business.