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Pies bring people together. Our handmade sweet and savory pies, pastries and coffee will help you turn any gathering into a party. Whether it’s a whole pie at the center of each table, or pot pies and salad on every plate, we’d love to be a part of your event.

Our pies are made fresh, so we ask for 48 hours notice for most orders, although we will do our best to handle last- minute requests. Up to 10 whole pies can be ordered online with 48 hours notice. Larger orders may require additional notice.

We understand that plans can change; there is no charge for cancellations made 48 hours prior to delivery. Within 48 hours, the full charge is non-refundable. Pies will be provided in aluminum tins or boxes. Sheet trays available on request. Delivery is available via our refrigerated van. Delivery charges will vary according to your location. Ask us about services or tray passing!

We look forward to helping you create your event. Get started by contacting your location or contact us at:




Pie-Mom-Catering     breakfast catering


Our catering packages make ordering easy, with everything you need for a group, whether it’s buffet or boxed. Our packages include our most most popular items, with plenty of options to customize for your group.

Need advice? Our catering manager is happy to help with your planning, from recommending quantities to customizing your order. We’ll match your event theme and colors with our decorations, help you identify the best options for your vegan or gluten-free guests, and do everything we can to make your event stress-free.

Pie Catering Spread


Pie All Day Packages include an assortment of our savory pot pies, mixed greens or kale salad, and our signature pie holes for dessert.

Small (Serves up to 10) $100
Medium (Serves up to 14) $140
Large (Serves up to 18) $175
X-Large (Serves up to 18) $215


Lunch Box
1 Pot Pie w/ Salad
1 Pie Hole
10oz Tea or lemonade


Kids Lunch
1 Mini Pot Pie w/ Salad
1 Pie Hole
10oz Tea or Lemonade


Lunch Upgrades

+ Coffee $30, Serves up to 12
+ Cold Brew $4.50/each
+ Lemonade/Iced Tea/Arnold Palmer $3.00/each + Upgrade Pie Holes to Mini Pies $2.95/each
+ Extra Pie Holes $21/dozen

breakfast pies and minis


All Breakfast Packages include 1 Quiche or 2 Crustless Quiche Bites per person and Pie Holes

Small (Serves up to 10) $90
Medium (Serves up to 14) $125
Large (Serves up to 18) $160
X-Large (Serves up to 18) $195


Breakfast Box
1 Quiche w/Salad
1 Pie Hole
10oz Cold Brew
Breakfast Additions
+ Overnight Oats $5/each
+ Granola and Berries $4/each
+ Zucchini Bread Loaf $24, Serves 10


Breakfast Drinks

+ Coffee Traveler $30, Serves 12+
Tea Traveler $20, Serves 12+
Cold Brew $4.50/each

baked and buzzed package



Small (Serves up to 12) – 1 Coffee Traveler 24 Pie Holes    $65

Medium (Serves up to 18) – 1 Coffee Traveler 1 Tea Traveler 36 Pie Holes    $95

Large (Serves up to 24) – 1 Coffee Traveler, 1 Tea Traveler, 48 Pie Holes    $120

X-Large (Serves up to 30) – 2 Coffee Travelers, 1 Tea Traveler, 60 Pie Holes    $170


Hap-pie Hour 

1 Mini Pot Pie & 1 Mini Sweet Pie $ 10 /person





Our signature, two-bite, tiny pie treats, filled with a selection of seasonal flavors.


Apple Caramel Crumble
Mexican Chocolate
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Seasonal Flavor




Sweet & Salty
Cereal Killer


Pie Holes Catering


Quiches and Quiche Bites should be warmed before serving.


Spinach Mushroom Quiche (6″) $7

Quiche Bites $3/each

-Kale and Gruyere gluten-free

-Ham & Cheddar gluten-free

Overnight Oats $5

House-made Granola and Fresh Berries $4

Lemon Zucchini Bread Loaf $24

Coffee Traveler: Pie Hole Blend $30



Our mealtime pot pies are 6” in diameter . Smaller 4” savory pot pies are also available, with a minimum order of 12 per flavor. They should be warmed for 10-15 minutes at 375 degrees before serving.

All 4” mini pot pies are just $5!

Shepherd’s Pot Pie $8.50
Chicken ‘n Cornbread Pot Pie $8.50

Ratatouille Pot Pie $8.25Vegan

Mac ‘n Cheese Pot Pie $8.25

Ask about adding a seasonal side salad to your order.

Mac N Cheese Catering


Our whole pies are 9” in diameter and serve 6-8. Mini pies are 4”. Mini pies require a minimum order of 12 per flavor.

All 4” mini pies are just $5!

Earl Grey Tea $35
Early grey white chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache in a butter crust, topped with fresh whipped cream and salted pistachios

Mexican Chocolate $35
Mexican-spiced chocolate ganache in a graham cracker crust, topped with fresh whipped cream

Mom’s Apple Crumble $35
Spiced apples in a butter crust, topped with mom’s classic crumble

Salted Honey Custard – $35
Maple custard in a butter crust, topped with honey, salt flakes and berries

Key Lime Pie – $35
Creamy lime filling topped with house made whipped cream. Baked inside our classic graham cracker crust now with zest on top.

Coconut Cream Pie – $35Vegangluten-free
Filled with Coconut milk, vanilla & shredded coconuts topped with a coconut whipped cream with toasted shredded coconut in an almond cookie crust.


Blueberry Crumble $35
Made with fragrant blueberries and just the right amount of orange juice, and sugar. It is topped with a pecan crumble.


Our flavors vary with the seasons, and we offer a special pie each month. Special orders for off-menu items are available on request. Minimum order of 7+ Pies.

Mini Pies Catering


All of our pies are made from scratch, by hand, daily from locally sourced (when possible) premium ingredients.


Vegetarian [contains eggs]   VeganVegan   Contains Nuts Gluten-Free gluten-free

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