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Charity @ The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole was born in the energetic and diverse Arts District neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the incredible effect these two non-profit charities have had on our community and others. We are thrilled to exclusively partner with Cornerstone Theater and Skid Row Housing Project in 2016. A global charity to be announced shortly!

About Cornerstone

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For over 29 years, Cornerstone has brought together an ensemble of professional artists of the highest caliber with people who would never think of themselves as artists to produce works of excellence based on the stories, concerns and issues of a given community.

Our plays celebrate many voices, and are staged in theaters and in parking lots, in factories, schools and subway stations. We strive to include people who have not been on stage or even seen theater. We’ve taken up residence in small towns and urban neighborhoods, collaborating with locals from start to finish to tell their unique stories through theater.
By combining the artistry of people with many levels of theatrical experience, we act upon the conviction that artistic expression is civic engagement and that access to a creative forum is essential to the wellness and health of every individual and community.
Please find more info at cornerstonetheater.org

About Skid Row Housing Trust

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The Trust engages our residents in creating homes that:

  • are provided through a Housing First and Harm Reduction model
  • encourage resident choice and well-being
  • support recovery and wellness
  • promote inclusiveness and creativity
  • contribute to thriving communities

Homelessness is a reversible circumstance, not a personal characteristic. People with the most severe illnesses and disabilities should not be left to perish on our sidewalks. The security of a home is the first step toward safety, stability and community (the Housing First model). People who seek help during a time of need want to belong in a community and to achieve wellness. Wellness begins with having a choice regarding the rules and conditions that impact one’s life, including whether and in which treatment to engage, and where to live (the Harm Reduction approach).
A social safety net that is sustainable, compassionate, accessible and flexible is vital to wellness. Innovative and high-quality design, construction and maintenance of homes increase healing and expand community. Everyone has a role to play in ending homelessness in greater Los Angeles.

Inclusive, engaged communities where people work together with a spirit of mutuality to bring those on the fringes back into the mainstream of community life. Los Angeles as a community where every person has a home; where resources are readily available in every part of the community so that crises in people’s lives lead to no more than brief periods without a home.
The elimination of the structural causes of homelessness, including extreme poverty, scarce affordable housing, ineffective foster care and criminal justice systems, and inadequate health care and mental health services for the poor.

More info can be found at http://skidrow.org/