Coffee At The Pie Hole LA

We drink coffee throughout the day, every single day. Coffee is our comfort, our fuel and the perfect partner to a slice of pie. Sourced from Co – Op Run and Family Owned Farms, our coffee blends are developed for their richness and their unflappable consistency. We made these awesome coffees for you, because you deserve it.

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Origin of The Beans

Great Coffee? This starts at the very beginning. That’s why we are selective in the farms we work with and how our beans are sourced. We are proud supporters of Co – Op Run and Family Owned Farms. One of these is Café Femenino, a Co – Op organization that has farms althrough out Latin America. What makes this Co Op so special is that it’s run by only women. Everything from the growing, harvesting, to the processing of the coffees is done by women- many of whom are heads of their households. While earning a premium wage they are able to support and provide a better life for their families which is part of the Fair Trade Process. Drinking our coffee means that you are supporting the women and families of Café Femenino.
Our family run organization is proud to support other families.

The Pie Hole Blend:
A Classic Blend that Works Four Different Ways

The Pie Hole Blend is a medium roast that is both classically sweet and complex with an amazing roundness of dark chocolate, notes of dried cherries with a hint of clementine and a sweet subtle spicy lingering aftertaste.
This blend is found in-house all year round. You can enjoy it as an espresso, drip coffee, cold brew, and nitro cold brew.
Latin America and Indonesia
(Guatemala, Peru, Brazil and Sumatra)

Washed and Wet -Process
1500 – 2100 Meters

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  • Fresh Brew
  • Cappucino
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Cortado
  • Macchiato
  • Caffe con Panna
  • Speciality Lattes

Most Drinks Available Iced

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Nitro Cold Brew On Tap

We are extremely proud of our Pie Hole Blend Cold Brew, so when faced with the opportunity to make it innovative, we just couldn’t resist. We introduce to you, our Nitro Cold Brew. When nitrogen and coffee interact, a smoother, aerated coffee with a terrific creaminess is created. Acidity is diminished, there is a much more complex aroma, and through the micro-bubbles a flavorful palette is dispersed. The nitrogen keeps the coffee cold longer and ensures the best tasting and smoothest coffee you have ever tasted. We guarantee you have never had coffee this good before.

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Featured Blends

The District – Light Roast
Clean and balanced, this bright blend is an easy-to-enjoy coffee with a smooth body. Hints of white grape, orange, and hazelnut accompany the predominant flavor of rich chocolate.

Offered: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Origin: Ethiopia & Uganda
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1500 – 2500 Meters

The Dark Arts – Dark Roast
Savory, yet sweet with rich notes of chocolate, this bold coffee is highlighted by molasses, cocoa, a hint of plum and toasted almonds. This heavy-bodied blend leaves your palette with a deeply satisfying finish.

Offered: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Origin: Uganda , Guatemala, & Sumatra
Processing: Washed & Wet
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1500 – 2300 Meters

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Our coffee is roasted in micro-batches for freshness and ethically sourced, because we believe with great coffee comes great responsibility. Ask our team if you have any questions on the best way to prepare our coffee at home.

The Pie Hole Coffee: Happiness One Cup at a Time

If you’re interested in hosting a private cupping or pie and coffee pairing please contact us at info@thepieholela.com