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What do you have available at these locations?2023-08-10T05:03:56+00:00

You’ll find our world-famous Pie Holes at these retail locations! They’re our delicious mini-pie treats! Each Pie Hole is crafted with love, filled with all-natural pie filling, and topped with our specialty glaze – they’re the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, just like all our pies.

Whether you’re craving our vibrant Lemon Pie Holes, our indulgent Chocolate Fudge Pie Holes, Juicy Strawberry Pie Holes, Caramel Apple Pie Holes, or Flavorful Blueberry Pie Holes, you’ll find them here!

How do I use the grocery locator?2023-08-10T05:04:44+00:00

Just type in your city in the search bar, and the grocery locator should do the rest. It will pull up the grocery store retail locations that carry our Pie Holes. You can also use the map to manually look around and locate stores. Please note: we are currently only available in most of California, with a few locations in Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and Idaho.

How much are Pie Holes at these locations?2023-08-10T05:07:04+00:00

Pie Holes are sold individually at Whole Foods Market and in small packs at Gelson’s Market, and the delicious seasonal flavors can vary. Please call or check your local store for accurate information.

Do Pie Holes come in a dozen at these locations?2023-08-10T05:06:11+00:00

Pie Holes are usually sold individually at Whole Foods Market or in small packs at Gelson’s Markets, but if available, you can absolutely ask for a dozen (or two)!

I looked but I can’t find Pie Holes in-store. What do I do?2023-08-11T20:57:16+00:00

Please ask the bakery lead for help. Chances are that our Pie Holes flew off the shelf and might be sold out. Let them know to stock some more and don’t forget that you can always buy Pie Holes online and get them shipped for free!

Where exactly are the Pie Holes located in-store?2023-08-11T20:56:01+00:00

At Whole Foods Market, you’ll find our Pie Holes in the refrigerated bakery display cases! It might vary by location, but they’re usually in the bakery next to the cakes or other refrigerated treats.

At Gelson’s, you’ll find Pie Holes in the grab-and-go refrigerators next to the deli.

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