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Assorted Pie Holes $69

The folks over here at The Pie Hole decided to answer our most frequently asked question “What’s a Pie Hole?” In true form, we decided to bake an answer. These bites of pie are filled with all the good stuff The Pie Hole’s full-sized pies are. Sold as a 24 Pack.

Cereal Killer Pie $69

Should you eat pie for breakfast? We think you should, especially if the pie in question is the smash hit Cereal Killer Pie. This pie has a cereal crust, and a filling made with a cream cheese base packed with Fruity Pebbles and then topped with Froot Loops.

Blueberry Crumble Pie $65

Our mission was to reintroduce America to the old fashion pie shop. And what kind of pie shop would we be if we didn’t have a classic all American blueberry pie? This Blueberry Crumble Pie is loaded with fragrant California blueberries.

Mom’s Apple Crumble Pie $65

While we’ve gotten a lot of press for our more “out there” pies, true fans know that the Mom’s Apple Crumble Pie cannot be missed. Made from scratch with a generations-old family recipe, this might be better than your grandma’s, don’t tell her we said that, (you don’t want to hurt her feelings.)

Chocolate Brownie Pie $65

The Pie Hole believes that pies are the sweetest type of love. And love should never make you pick between your favorites..  so don’t! Have a pie and a brownie with this traditional Southern pie. The signature butter crust shell is then filled decadent chocolate custard creating the ultimate Chocolate Brownie Pie