The Pie Hole sets its eyes on future bakery entrepreneurs by launching a first-of-its-kind three-month accelerator culinary program in Southern California called “The Pie Lab”.
The Pie Lab is designed to help underserved and marginalized bakery entrepreneurs evolve their own food retail concepts by providing assistance with the business infrastructure and resources to build and refine their own brand and products, along with in-house retail, marketing and PR support from The Pie Hole.​
It’s important we always remain in service to others and take the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years and pay it forward to members in our community.  The Pie Lab is one of the ways we’re giving back as a company and contributing something good for humanity besides delicious pies.  We are very proud to launch this initiative and excited to discover the untapped talent of bakers who just need an opportunity to make their mark in our industry.
The Pie Lab will select eligible applicants through a lottery system available to the public by fostering partnerships with community-based organizations and a need-based criteria including persons in poverty or low socioeconomic status, persons from variously disadvantaged backgrounds, persons with disabilities or persons who are formerly incarcerated.  Additional criteria evaluating leadership potential, brand potential and expansion planning will also be part of the application process. Submit your application here.